Self assessment doesn't mean you have to do it yourself

Your need first.

Tax first.

Getting tax right is not something to learn the hard way. But with most accountancy firms charging by the hour, it's no wonder that the annual accountant's fees can be as dreaded as the tax bill itself.

As plenty of individuals and small businesses find to their cost each year, cutting corners on tax is not an option. Late filing, late payments and errors attract penalties - and random investigations of records are on the increase.

That's why we set up Tax First: a fixed cost service focused solely upon the needs of directors and self-employed individuals who are required to file tax returns.

Why is Tax First different?

With Tax First, you can take an efficient, accurate and affordable service for granted. Unlike our competitors, we also offer something more: individual attention. By meeting with you face-to-face, your Tax First adviser will develop a close understanding of your needs, explaining each step of the taxation process as it takes place.

The result? Clear advice delivered in plain English, placing you in control of your tax return.

Tax First is a division of Rayner Essex, Chartered Accountants.